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Novare South African Terroir Wine Awards

logo Novare South African Terroir Wine Awards

The great wines that portray the inimitability of South Africa’s diverse “terroir”, the French and international term for specific wine growing terrains, are highlighted at the Novare South African Terroir Wine Awards.

The Novare SA Terroir Wine Awards was created to define the various terroir types of the Cape. Terroir has been the ‘buzzword’ among wine aficionados for several years now. The basic concept is to discover wines that best reflect the terroir in which they are produced.

Since the strict rules of producing vineyards within a quota system in certain areas were stopped many years ago, many agricultural sites have come to the fore as prime winegrowing areas.
There is a definite increase in producers who want to portray the unique origins of their wines. In past years the Wine and Spirit Board has registered various new wine wards and wine districts after receiving applications from producers in those areas.

The Novare South African Terroir Wine Awards honours the wines which truly portray South Africa’s different wine growing areas. All entries must be a certified Wine of Origin from a specific single vineyard, estate, ward or small district not divided into wards.

I have been involved in the brand development, project management and event planning of this competition since the inception in 2006. Along the way, I have met some of the most remarkable winemakers in South Africa. But apart from all of this, I realised that finding your own palate is the most important factor in enjoying wine.

“Just like becoming an expert in wine, you learn by drinking it, the best you can afford”. Julia Child

Novare South African Terroir Wine Awards Photo

With Marius Labuschagne, brainchild of the competition and Duimpie Bayly, renowned wine judge