The Home Staging Process. What is home staging?

What is home staging?

Simply put, home staging is preparing or setting the stage for a potential buyer.

The most important steps during a home staging process

“Highlight your home’s best features to demonstrate its optimal potential.”

Step 1: Decluttering

Organising is not an effortless task. It takes planning, time and vision.

This can be rather problematic for people who are not keen on organising.. If you are easily side-tracked, have crowded thoughts, time management issues or just feel extremely stressed, it could be hard to concentrate on organisation for a long period of time or to do it at all. 

Some people are naturally messy, and organisation and decluttering is not a priority in their otherwise demanding schedules. For other people, rearranging their pantry or closet twenty times comes naturally and they love to do this ons a regular basis with their own practical systems in place (we sure do).

The naturally messy group would rather pay a specialist to remove the stress and live in a haven rather than a decluttered mess. Life, after all, is for living and an organised home should be functional, detailed, beautiful, and uncomplicated – leaving room for you to focus on the areas of your life that are more important to you.

Step 2: Repairs and cleaning

You may have learned to live (or become completely blind to) your home’s quirks over the years. Those cupboard hinges that need tightening or the ghost kitchen drawers that keep opening – what about that dated mustard feature wall in your living room that you’ve been meaning to repaint?

Not to mention those nooks and crannies behind fixtures and installed cabinets, where you’ve just not been able to clean as regularly as you would have liked.

These are minor problems, but may just leave a potential buyer wondering what else could be wrong with the house, or worried about all of the DIYs they will have to take care of, which they may need to foot the bill for.

‘’But I don’t have the funds to fork out for all the needed repairs’’ – we hear you say….

This is exactly where a home staging specialist can help by assessing and making a list of the most important repairs and cleaning requirements – and to give your home just that touch of added selling appeal, before listing your home (and in doing so, probably ensuring a quicker return on your commitment and investment).

Step 3: Setting the stage (home staging)

Once the decluttering, planning, and repairs and cleaning are taken care of, the fun part of the home staging process can begin.

Everything comes together, and the earmarked spaces and rooms are set up and staged to create the warm, welcoming atmosphere that can convince the future homeowners of the potential of buying your home.

Live in Taste: Professional organisers and home staging specialists

People hire personal trainers or nutritionists to help with fitness and diet goals. Hiring a professional organiser will assist in rearranging any physical spaces in your life. Professional organisers do more than help you set up great systems, they also transfer skills so that you can maintain the systems going forward. Get in touch if you’d like to explore our services.