The return and revival of the wall: is wallpaper still trendy?

The wonderful world of wall finishes is vast and customisable. After COVID, being home for so long, and looking deeply at our environments, both aesthetically and in terms of meaning, we have torn up the decorating rulebook.

Often during times of unrest, we tend to return to the pull of nostalgia – with the past difficult couple of years, and the evolution of the home into a place of sanctuary away from the outside world, we are seeing the revival of the decorative wall.

It is anti-boredom, pro-craft, and all about enlivening our homes with spirit, wonder and art – it is very emotive and so needed right now.

We all enjoy decorating our homes with accessories that are highly on trend, but the walls are often left behind. This trend is shifting, and people are becoming very playful with walls, ceilings, and surfaces – this is a very creative, artistic moment for the wall.

The walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space with the assistance of wall finishes like wallpaper, structured paint, and wall murals. A child’s bedroom can change into a magical fairyland with an adventurous wall mural while textured paint can create drama and visual effect for a smaller budget.

The insatiable appetite for wallpaper does not look like it is abating any time soon. There is growing momentum of the wallpaper revival. We are seeing the evolution of the wall which is certainly extremely exciting.

No matter the reason, the trend has major staying power, and it is back with a bang. You may have noticed the increased use of wallpaper in decoration projects for both commercial and residential spaces.

Some facts to pin against the wall

Pinterest has revealed that in 2020 searches for “wallpaper” were up by 41%. In a recent survey conducted by Fixr, 39 percent of interior designers surveyed said they predict consumers will introduce colour into their homes this year by wallpapering an entire room. For comparison, 42 percent said they would use paint. And keep in mind that the trending wallpaper of today is not akin to your grandmother or mother’s wallpaper.

A dramatic room can instantly be soft and airy with the correct choice of wallpaper. A room that feels too big can immediately feel cosy with darker wallpaper and a striking pattern. All wallpapers add depth and style to spaces. In general, patterns, colours and even fabrics create an effect of increasing space or at least a clear point of attention.

There is a wallpaper to suit every style

The latest wallpaper styles are about bringing joy to your home. The beauty of wallpaper is its versatility and that it can be enjoyed by many.

Here is why we will always recommend a feature wall as part of your overall design:

  • Wallpaper captures your style and vibe
  • Wallpaper does need to overwhelm
  • Wallpaper can be featured, like art
  • Wallpaper is not forever
  • Wallpaper is low maintenance

Wallpaper is an investment, and an economical way to have a pop of print or colour in your home. Is it not about time you find your new feature wall?

Which wallpaper is right for my space?

From trendy, attractive, classy, traditional, florals and trompe l’oeil, to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs. Which side will you fall on? Wallpaper that evokes a sense of calm, or an escapist mindset?

Get in touch. We will help you to create amazing feature walls to suit your own personal style and personality. Our wallpaper collection is vast and will rock your world!